"Bloomin' Passion, helping yours inspire kids into happy adults"


From Dale Preece-Keley Animal Therapy Expert and owners of our Founders, Skunks Stoosh & Skittles

What is more Magical than watching a child play with and Love an animal?

What is more Magical than the Healing Power of Animals

Will You Share below with Kids WHAT YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT ANIMALS ?

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Dale lives with 40-50 animals. His Skunks Stoosh and Skittles, Founders of this website  inspire, educate students and delight kids, adults all over the World!

"I love how animals communicate with us their own way, and as we get to know them we understand their personalities better." WestPet Pet Care, Port Moody BC

"We love how different they are. The majority of our invertebrates are very easy to care for for which enables us to teach about animal welfare to kids on a basic level." Rentabeast

"I most love that fact that animals are intelligent and fascinating and I'm always learning more about them :B.B Taylor

"Hello! basically we are a start up organisation that brings together both a community& a market place to help us celebrate the devoition & joy that our beloved animal friends bring into our lives! " @lechienlechat

"What do i love about animals? Where do I start? The main thing is their attitude - they live in the now & hold no animosity" Dale Preece-Kelley @DalePK_Author

"Hard to pinpoint one thing - maybe the fact they are so loyal and loving! So much to learn about their care, behavior etc !" Pawsh Pet Services @PawshPetService

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"Bloomin' Passion, helping yours inspire kids into happy adults"
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