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Interview (#AnEngineerWasHere)

CN Tower, #AnEngineerWasHere

"While interviewing U.K.  Engineers like Professors  Dr. Will Whittow and Dr.Sam Rigby who Inspire Students to Careers in Engineering I noticed the remarkable #AnEngineerWasHere campaign of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers so I wrote to ask, if they would do an Interview about their campaign." Paul Cody



What is the #AnEngineerWasHere campaign and how does it work?

The #AnEngineerWasHere campaign is an interactive public awareness campaign that was launched on social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) in September 2016 by the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) — the advocacy organization for Ontario, Canada’s engineering community. The campaign invites the general public and all OSPE members and partners—including industry, government and educational institutions—to participate in celebrating and promoting the engineering profession by:

1.       Tagging an object or structure that an engineer was involved in creating with one of OSPE’s specially designed #AnEngineerWasHere tags

2.       Taking a photo of the designated feat of engineering

3.       Sharing the photo on social media with the hashtag #AnEngineerWasHere


·         Why did OSPE launch the #AnEngineerWasHere campaign?

In our rapidly changing world, the role of the engineer is often overlooked. OSPE’s #AnEngineerWasHere campaign was designed to raise awareness about the role that engineers play in making our world ‘work’. By tagging critical infrastructure and everyday objects with the #AnEngineerWasHere hashtag, the campaign serves as a visual reminder that the work of the engineering profession impacts almost every part of our daily lives. The campaign also shares information on what it means to be a professional engineer and ensures that the work of the engineering profession remains relevant and appreciated.


·         What were the outcomes of the campaign launch?


The #AnEngineerWasHere campaign continues to draw attention to the work of engineers as the hashtag is repeatedly shared on social media. On the first day of the #AnEngineerWasHere campaign alone, a total of 430 tweets, 169 Facebook posts and 40 Instagram photos were shared with the hashtag #AnEngineerWasHere. Notably, tweets using the hashtag reached an audience of close to 400,000, with over 814,000 impressions on the date of the launch.


OSPE has been able to share further information on the value and influence of the engineering profession on our daily lives via traffic to a campaign-specific website AnEngineerWasHere.ca and the OSPE website ospe.on.ca.


The campaign has also fostered beneficial new partnerships between OSPE and other organizations and collaborators, like Career Skunks, who mutually strive to raise the level of public awareness and appreciation for the engineering profession. These new collaborations have enabled the campaign’s key messages to reach an even broader and more diverse audience.


·         How did OSPE bring the social media campaign to life on the streets of Toronto?

The #AnEngineerWasHere campaign is primarily a social media effort that serves to promote and unite the engineering profession online. On the date of the campaign launch, however, OSPE also brought this public awareness initiative onto the streets of Canada’s most populous city—Toronto, Ontario—to further contextualize the significant impact that engineers have on our everyday lives. Home to the CN Tower – one of Canada’s most iconic feats of engineering – and with more high-rise buildings under construction than any other North American city, Toronto seemed to be a fitting backdrop for the launch of the #AnEngineerWasHere campaign.

The OSPE team engaged with the public at one of Toronto’s busiest intersections, handing out free coffee, doughnuts and #AnEngineerWasHere tags to generate greater excitement and awareness about the technical expertise and problem solving skills that engineers possess. During this one-day activation, the OSPE team spoke with nearly 12,000 people about the province’s engineers. Watch this video to find out more about the #AnEngineerWasHere street activation.


·         Can I still participate in the #AnEngineerWasHere campaign?


Yes, OSPE invites anyone to participate in the #AnEngineerWasHere campaign. You can help keep the conversation going by using #AnEngineerWasHere to share posts that highlight the work and expertise of engineers on all of your favourite social media channels. You can also follow OSPE on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@O_S_P_E) to stay up-to-date with the campaign and to receive timely updates about stories from around the globe impacting the engineering profession.


·         Who is the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE)?

The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) is a not-for-profit, advocacyorganization that acts as the voice of the engineering profession in the province of Ontario, Canada. OSPE elevates the profile of the profession and advances the professional and economic interests of its members by actively communicating with governments, media, employers and the general public on behalf of the engineering community. OSPE offers valued member services and products, and provides opportunities for ongoing professional development, networking and community building.


OSPE facilitates meetings with government officials across Ontario to discuss a range of issues affecting engineers and to connect governing bodies with engineers who can offer technically sound solutions to the complex challenges that face the province and impact the economy. OSPE also works towards the creation of a more progressive and diverse engineering profession by encouraging more women to study engineering, pursue licensure, and take on leadership roles within the profession. In addition, OSPE’s Bridge Training Program helps speed the integration of international engineering graduates (IEGs) into Ontario's labour market. To learn more about OSPE and its efforts visit ospe.on.ca.


“If you would like to contact the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) directly regarding the #AnEngineerWasHere campaign, please email stories@ospe.on.ca.”


WATCH THE VIDEO  #AnEngineerWasHere


Ontario Society of Professional Engineers•4950 Yonge St., Suite 502•Toronto, ON •M2N 6K1
Fax: 416-223-9963www.ospe.on.ca



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