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2 Texas Grade 3 Classes Interview Success Skunks

Stoosh and Skittles, World's Only Therapy Skunks!

Questions to Skunks Stoosh & Skittles from the Grade 3 Class of Mrs. Benadives and Mrs, Sanders at Green Elementary Texas, followed by a later Skype Interview.


MEET DALE PREECE - KELLY their owner who translates their Skunkish.  Buy his book " Unleashing the healing Power of Animals

Host Paul Cody, Vancouver BC, P.S. Be sure to visit our HOME PAGE.

1, How do skunks keep calm?

We is naturally calms animals, and not aggressives at all. When we is livings in house with our humans, we are very calms unless peoples or other pets scares us. When our daddy sits downs to watches his tv, we climbs on his laps and goes sleepies - just likes a cat. In the wilds we just mindies our owns business, if we is allowsed to - we gets spooksed by the big metal whirry thingies with wheels, ands sometime by others animals, because we not sees very good, buts we tolerates hoomins cos you leaves us lots of trashes we can eats. We is nices animals really, but publics perceptions of us is not goods, thanks to nasty cartoonies - we is wants to change that, and makes hoomins sees how nice we is

2, Do Stoosh and Skittles spray people?

We nots spray - we is nice skunkies, although we cans if we wants to, but everyones is nice to us, and sos we keeps it to us selves. We has both spraysed once whens we was new to the house, and our doggie friend Beanz scaresed us, but we was only little kits of 8 or so week olds. We likes peoples, but Skittles is a bits more ofs a scaredy skunk and gets frightensed more easy by louds voices and new peoples

3, How is your smell made?

Our smells is a liquids mades by our bodies and is storesed in our glands just underneaths our bottoms. We has enough liguids in the glands for about 5 sprays, and then it takes abouts 10 dayses for our body factory to makes more. The liquids is similar to that in those hoomin thingies callsed "stink bombs", but much strongers and is made up ofs a combination of chemicalses, the mains one is sulphur basesed

4, How do they protect themselves?

We only has one forms of protections and that is our stinky smells, seriouslys is all we has !! Our clawses is for diggings, and our teeths is for eatings. We protects ourselves by sprayings, but we warns first a few times befores we does it

5, Where do you live?

We lives in dens - somestimes we steals others animals dens - includings hoomin house basements, ands crawls spaces. We nots like diggings our owns, is times wasted when we coulds be eatings wormies, but if we gots to then we digs our own. We likes a nice bigs den, likes a badger set or fox holes ands it have to be warm and cosys and cleans

6, How do you live?

We lives lifes on our owns, and tends to comes togethers only if we wants babies (which is abouts Aprils time). We stays within a 2 miles radius of a waters supply ands our den, and sos donts go far. In winterstime we slows downs a bit, but donts technically hibersnates

7, How fast can you run?

We can runs quite fasts - althoughs probablys no fasters than abouts 5 mph, but we only has littles leggies, so althoughs it looks likes we is running really fasts, is justs how fast our little leggies is movings. Outs of me (Stoosh) and Skittles, Skittles runs fastests but I is a mores elegants runner, but then she is scaredy skunk !!

8, What do baby skunks look like?

Baby skunkies is very cutes ands abouts as bigs as an growns up palm of the hands - we is borns with us eyeses closesed and no furs. By the times we is 3 or 4 weeklies olds, we has gots fur and ours eyeses has opened. At 8 weeks olds we is old enough to goes it alones. Daddy has sents some photies of Skittles as an 8 weeks old babies when he picksed her ups - in ones he is holdings her, and the other is ofs her withs her brothies and sisters


Questions from Mrs. Sanders' Class at Greene Elementary....Webster, Texas

Where do Skunks Live ?

If we was wilds skunkies, then we woulds like woodslands and prairies to brusheslands and urbans areas - we mights even live downs your street, as somestime we can nots be bothersed to dig a den (whats we call our home) and so we sneaks under your houses !! We don'ts tend to stray furthers than a miles or two from our water source, or dens. We not sees very well and donts really have a homings instinct, so finds it difficults to get backs. We has big diggie claws for makings our den, or somestime we just steals one from a foxie or woodchuck !!

2. How did the skunks behave/act when they were young?

When we is young we is quite skittish (means we is nervey and quick). We eats a lots and we explores, gettings up to all sorts of mischief. You needs to be carefuls arounds young skunk kits, because we is easily scaresed and sprays more often. When I (Stoosh) was a babies, and just ins my daddys house, Beanz the doggie was quite curiouses abouts what I was, ands he kepts followings me round. I gets bored of it so spraysed him in the face - he nots like it much, I didn'ts mean it to gets in his eyes, (that was accidents), and daddy had to washes them out with specials water. He ok now, and he very protectives of us. Another times I gots into daddy's cupboards, by pullings the front off unders the door, and then pullings the back off the cupboard - I could smells tasty biscuits and I eats them all gone, they was tasty but mades me very sick !!! When Skittles was baby, she was naughtier thans me, and more curious abouts outside, sos much sos that she founds out how to opens door and escapesed!!! Daddy was very worriesed, and dids hourly searches fors her, all though day and nights, he didnt's sleeps at all. He puts poster on the webbie world thingie so's lots of peoples could look. Shes was missings for 3 days, and everyones was worriesed evens me - shes was playings at a stables nearly 2 miles away, but nobody's could finds her, and whiles everyone was searchings around the stable, she cames back to the house !! I was so mads I shoutsed at her !! (sees attached photo)

3. What do skunks eat?

We will eats a lot - we likes a variesed diet, but is all healthy : fruit and vegestableses (strawsberries, peaches, apples, pears, tomatoes etc ; carrots, cucumber, courgette, aubergine, radish, mushrooms), we's like some flowers, and seeds (especiallys pumpkinny ones), nutses, chicks ands mice, eggs, lizards, amphibians (especially yummy froggies) - allsorts - we wills even eats your rubbish ifs we is livings under your housey!! One ofs our favourites food though is honey - we's is one of biggests predators of honeys bee in North America !! One skunkie can destroys and devours a whole hives of bees in 7 hours - they is a pain, buts we stuns the guard bees and then eats them, and thens there is nobody to warns the hive and we TAKES them by SURPRISES - they is yummy !!

4 Do they learn to spray their stinky smell from their parents or are they born that way?

We cans sprays our spray froms being very youngs. We not need to learns it from our parents, we just discovers we can do it, usually's by accident !! Ooooopsy!! We lets out little ones sometimes - daddy calls them "love toots" - if we is startleds. Obviously when we is youngers we is startleds more easily and so these gets much fewers as we gets older.

5. Why do skunks spray stinky smells?

Our 'stinky smell" is our only forms of defence, and ours last one too. We nots nasty animals, and nots does it for the sake of it, we has to have reason. The usual reason is if we is scaresed we is goings to get eatens by somethings like a mountain lions, or a dog - our smell is bads enough to even scares away BEARS !! It cans be smellsed by a hoomin nose about a miles away. But we nots have much of the stinky fluids in our glands ands therefore can not does it very much, so we has to saves it for emergency !!!

6. What do skunks do when they play?

We does all sorts when we plays. Daddy gives us a ballpit to plays in, that is really BIG, ands he put wormies and other insects in there, and we gets to digs around for them, likes we would if we was diggsing in the leaves in the woods. When we eats them all, and none more is left, thens we chases each other round - we plays "pretends you is a dog", ands act out whats we would do if we was being scareds by a dog buts we dont uses our stinky. We stamps our feet and runs after each other, we gets up to as much mischiefs as we can - we gets into cupboards and we pulls things apart, and rips things. In the wilds, we are lots of times mostly solitary animals, and skunkies only comes together to have babies. So we just wanders rounds looking for yummies

7. Why do skunks have a white stripe on their backs?

We skunks has markings we has, as they is special pattern what gives warnings Recents studies by scientists suggest thats our stripeys does point other animals attentions to the fact that we has stinky glands and will sprays them

8. Do skunks give a warning before they spray?

We has a routines what we does, before we sprays. We only carries a little bits of liquid (enough fors about 5 sprays) and once we has sprayed it it takes abouts 10 days for our bodies to remakes it. So we wills stands up as bigs as we can and fluffs out our tails likes pinesapple and stands solids to ground ; then we does hissing and stampings dance, we cans make quites good scary noise with that ones ; we runs at our attackers and we stops suddenly, makings our bottoms go ups in the air (likes a handstands), which cans be quites intimidating (we also does this one if we is trying to gets another animals to play, so cans be confusing, especially for daddy and Beanz!!) ; if nones of these works then we twists our bum rounds whiles we pokes out our glands, and this is the last warning - ignores this and you is goings to get it !!!

9. What are some skunk adaptations?

Ours adaptations in nature are us stinky glands and our stripeys. We onlys have the one forms of defence as we not good fighters - we is very peacefuls animals really - so we sprays our attackers. The smells from our spray can stays on the animal for months, and they will remembers our bolds pattern on our fur - next time they sees a skunkie, theys will turn rounds and tiptoes away very quickly's. In terms of us habitats, we has adapted very well, to mans destruction of our habitats to builds more houses. We justs move into the urbans area - we not bothersed abouts man really, he nots all bad, so we is quite tolerants of him. So we has adapted to livings in streets under houses and foragings for food in your trash cans - you eats nice food, but you not eats wormies on your pizza - whys not ? They be yummies !!

10. What are the body parts of a skunk?

We has small pointy face with flash of white on us nose, this helps us gets our mouths into small spaces

We has big pointy claws on our front feeties - these helps us digs our dens, and mess abouts in dirt and leaf litters lookings for wormies and other bugs

We has thick furs, all over our bodies what helps us to keeps nice and warms specially at nights time

We has long fluffy bushy blacks and whites tail for makings us looks big !!

And we has our stinky glands under our tails, what allows us to spray our stink, in a V shape up to abouts 10 feet

Clawses on our backs feet is only shorts, we donts need those ones to be long

Thanksyou so much for your questions, we reallys enjoysed answerings, and they is very clever questions for yous to ask

Lots of love

Stoosh & Skittles Meet Dale Preece Kelly owner of Stoosh and Skittles

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