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Artist. Corrina Holyoake

Corrina Holyoake
Artist, Illustrator, Children Book Author

My name is Corrina Holyoake, and I am a freelance artist and childrens illustrator based in the UK. I illustrate childrens books for other authors and have also written and illustrated my own book Animania, an alphabet book with a twist.

Dear Student:

My biggest advice I can give you is to follow your dreams and to believe in yourself. Focus on what you are passionate about, think about what you would like to do with that passion and then slowly start working towards making your dreams a reality.

As a child my passion was drawing and writing, I knew at a young age that this is something I wanted to do when I was older but I wasn't sure how I would make it happen or what path to pursue to get there . I went to art college and after that tried to go to University but I was not accepted into any of them, my portfolio wasn't very good at the time and my heart wasn't in it fully so looking back this comes as no surprise.


My first piece of advice is don't let failure put you off your dreams, just because one door closes it doesn't mean you should give up. Think of other ways to reach your goals instead, use your creativity to think of new ways to approach things. So for me, I didn't get into university but I knew I wanted to have a creative job somehow so I decided to write to a bunch of printing companies to see if anybody would take me on as a trainee graphic designer. They did and I worked with a few print houses over the years working up to senior graphic designer. Companies were impressed with me showing my initiative and approaching them rather than through a job advert so I highly recommend doing this.


I then took a break from everything creative and took a role as an office assistant working up to a technical support advisor, which I did for 15 years. It took a big life changing experience for me to realise that I had to pick up the brushes again, and since that day my life has changed in ways I would never have thought possible. I am now a full time illustrator and artist and have also launched a business Artypeace which is exploring how art and creativity can be used as a form of therapy. I have done all of this by believing in myself, letting go of fear, thinking of new ways of approaching things, consistently perfecting my craft, experimenting and not giving up!


Which brings me to my last bit of advice, don't ever give up! The creative world is an incredibly difficult market to get into it, it can be so overwhelming seeing the ridiculous amount of talent out there. You will constantly doubt your abilities and doors will close on you, but you have to keep going, it is the only way you will live your dreams and trust me dreams can be made a reality if you keep going. Try to aim for doing 3 new things a week, whether that is experimenting with a new medium, joining a group, writing a story, writing a to do list, setting up a new social media account...anything that you think will help you get to where you need to go. It might feel like nothing will come of this, but honestly you will be surprised with what opportunities do start coming your way by practicing this. Some people get there quicker than others but if it is truly what you are meant to be doing, you will get there, the universe will see to it. Keep perfecting your skills, keep networking with like minded individuals and don't be afraid to reach out to people you admire to ask questions. Most importantly, if one door closes, try another one, there are millions of doors to get you to where you need to go, you just have to keep knocking until you find the right one for you.

May all your dreams and wishes come true.

Much love




P.S.  Will You write a letter to kids, students to pass down your Passion for Art or ?.

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"Bloomin' Passion, helping yours inspire kids into happy adults"
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