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G. Mitchell Baker, Novelist...
The Kinny Adventure Series; The Adaptable NeoNature Technology Series; The Emerson Series; and, The Lethal Believers Series.


"A broke down rodeo grandpa takes up his orphaned grandson and together the unlikely pair take on a trio of house heisters. Only as a cowboy and a savvy, urban youth can, they round 'em up and make things as right as rain... can be..." G Mitchell Baker


"I met Mitchell's Passion for Writing on Facebook, Twitter and saw his books on Amazon.  When I read his Reviews I had to ask him, if his Passion would write an Inspiring "Letter To Passionate Kids" who Love writing! Of course Mitchell said YES! " Paul Cody

P.S. Mitchell's "Letter To Passionate Kids & The Writer In You".

I did not know I wanted to write stories; much less would enjoy writing stories. Long before I started to write, my father died unexpectedly. I was young and then distracted. I went on to become an attorney & counsellor at law … I did many things with my life, given the life that happened to me, other than write stories.

My father suddenly died when I was eleven years of age. School then became a struggle, but I eventually made my way into community college. As I progressed through University, things changed. I began to have interests and followed those interests to learn that I liked the idea of people in groups, communities, and nations interacting, for better or worse. I enjoyed all kinds of subjects and I became one of the earlier students to graduate with an Interdisciplinary degree. I embraced the idea of bringing as many factors, influences, and ideas together in order to explore problems, solutions and to develop a meaningful world view.

My first degree was from a Canadian University and my law degree was from Chicago-Kent College of Law. I practiced law in the highest Federal courts during my more than twenty years. However, it was when I was in my mid-thirties, more, than the practice of law, was of interest. It was during that time I recalled how one of my father’s ambitions had been to write a book. I do not know what kind of book, but he would type and I knew he wrote with a purpose. It was during that time, I knew I wanted to do something … to remember him … to walk in his steps, perhaps a similar purpose.

I then decided to take a time off from my practice and moved from New Mexico to Washington State. There, I wrote my first two novels. Neither book seemed very good, but good enough to get publishers interested in my work. One book was about family, the other about science fiction.

Since that time, I have continued to write, and to write with a purpose. I hear my writing gets better as I go, but I realized, what was meaningful, was that the purpose … the idea of writing anything at all was a gift from my father. Whether I knew it or not, he had shared not only the sense of purpose, but he had also shared, he communicated to me his passion to write. The gift was to provide me just enough of that sense of purpose, to allow me to find my own passion in the writing … my own writing that has become the writing of stories to entertain.

When asked here, to contribute a letter about passion… all I could think of was to describe and share this, my experience. To convey, that for me it was to overcome distraction, to start with an interest in something, anything, and then to bring a sense of purpose to the interest. From there, one may, or may not find the gift of passion to fill into your life. Not everything, not every opportunity is about a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something, but please know, it is also not about listening … believing those who will tell you ‘impossible’, ‘no way’, ‘forget it…’

Finding your passion, or allowing your passion to find you, is about being true to who you are, your relationships with others, and, can and will be about those strong feelings of enthusiasm or excitement you experience when you begin to understand it is a very special gift. For the gift of passion I have received, I am very thankful and appreciative … Thank you Father.

I hope, no I trust that each and every one of you will receive your own gifts of passion, and, for every time you do, recognize it, appreciate it and treasure it … those feelings of enthusiasm or excitement are special and not one of us is entitled to those feelings. Whether you search out your passion, or passion finds you, embrace it, care for it, cherish it, with all the strong feelings of enthusiasm, excitement, know it is that special something that will one day, make you so very special, and happy as well.

For all those of us, who will appreciate the passion it takes to be special… to be happy…"

Cheer to All, G. Mitchell Baker

Will you Pass Down Your Passion to Family, Kids, Students, Followers and Freinds?  Ask G. Mitchell Baker HOW!

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"Bloomin' Passion, helping yours inspire kids into happy adults"
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