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Suitcase Of Happyness by Disney's Mark Jaffe

A Roadmap to Achieve and Enjoy
Your Happiest Life


Mark Jaffe was intimately involved in the rollout and expansion of THE LION KING, BEAUTY and THE BEAST , ALADDIN, LITTLE MERMAID Franchises during his time as head of Disney Records

Can you honestly say "I'm a happy person?" Think about it - you've worked hard, you've had great results, you have people that love you, you're a good person. Why does it still feel like something is missing? What would it be like to just be happy and feel good every day?

"LIVE your life, like you are on VACATION" - Mark Jaffe, Author of Suitcase of Happyness

As I get Letters to Kids from Passionate KidlIt Artists like Corrina Holyoake,  Lawyer turned Writer G. Mitchel Baker , Jazz Singer, Mentor to Ed Sheeran, Fiona Ross and many others,  I met and asked Mark Jaffe if he would do an Interview about his book Suitcase Of Happiness!  Fortunate for all of us Mark said YES!  " Paul Cody, www.careerskunks.com

Mark Jaffe, a former senior executive at The Walt Disney Company, spent many years creating happy moments. At a young age he realized that his happiest life was not something out of reach. He studied, observed, cultivated, and ultimately enjoyed an enduring happyness through a singular focus on identifying what worked and what didn’t.

Along the way, he had a life journey, perhaps like yours, that included career successes and career failures. A marriage that succeeded until it didn’t. Two fabulous kids. A dog. And the learned ability to be very happy, which has kept him happy now, consistently, for over 40 years.


Paul;  Mark, how did your children inspire you to write Suitcase of Happyness?

Mark;  I have always been a relatively happy guy - despite many setbacks and painful times in my life. So, as a legacy to my children, I started to write about how I maintained my state of happiness. And what started as a few pointers to them turned into a a 150 page book!

Paul;  How can I achieve a constant go-to state of happiness?

Mark;  I call Happyness - with a "y" - a constant enduring state of Happiness. How can that be achieved?We are continually presented with opportunities to be happy. We just need to find those moments, collect them and enjoy them. By filling our "suitcase" with all that happiness and surrounding ourselves with all those happy moments, our journey of life becomes a constant go -to state of finding and enjoying happiness. But how do we find those moments? Just follow the four laws of focus to fill your life with happiness.  1. What you focus on you find. Focus on finding happiness and you will find it. Focus on finding sadness or unhappiness, and as we all know you will find that too.  2. What you focus on grows.  3. What you focus on, becomes real.  4. You become what you focus on. I remember. as a young child I was so shy and had very few friends. I didn't like being shy. I thought if I were more outgoing and made more friends I would be happier. So, I decided I was going to break out of my shell and focus on meeting and becoming friends with many kids my age. I watched others to learn how to meet and talk to people and copied what seemed to work for them. After a few months of practice, I was amazed at how many kids wanted to be my friend and how much happier I had become. What I focused on, I truly found. And in forty years since, I have never looked back - I don't think about being shy any more. I became what I focused on!

Paul;  How can people be happy when so many unhappy things have happened to them and continue to happen to them?

Mark;  Happiness and unhappiness can truly exist side by side. We just have to decide whether or not we can change those things that make us unhappy. Then, change the one we can and accept the ones we can't. All the time we spend focusing on battling the things we can't change can be better spent on focusing on the things which make us happy. Truly accepting the things which make us unhappy and can't be changed, gives us permission to stop trying to change them. It is that acceptance which allows the unhappy things to coexist with the happier things that we use our energy to enjoy!

Paul;  What are some of the blocks to happiness? 

Mark;  In my book. I have identified five.  1 Resistance to acceptance, which we spoke about in the last question.  2. Lack of Perspective.  3 Destructiveness of Anger.  4. The Trap of Things.  5 The Endless Pursuit of Success.  The book talks in detail about each one and gives suggestions to overcome those barriers so that you can focus on pathways to happyness.

Paul;  What are some of the pathways to happyness?

Mark;  Happy moments are everywhere around us.  We just need to know where to look.  Here are ten pathways I have identified which you can travel on your journey to happyness.  1. The Rule of Yes.  2.  The Power of Passion..  3  The Excitement of Discovery.  4.  The Delight of Play.  5.  The Joy of Connection.  7.  The Elation of Laughter.  8.  The Gift of Gratitude.  9.  The Serenity of Peace.  10.  The Creation of Meaning.  The book explains each one in detail and talks about specific things you can do as you embark on that pathway to your happiness.

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