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John R West, NASCAR

John R West

I met John West while asking  Music Artists Jennifer Mlott, Sheri Lynn,  and Danielle Haskell if their Passion for Music would write a "Letter To Kids."  John I noticed, always Shared their Letters with others so I asked what his Passion was.

John said being a National At Track Volunteer Leader at NASCAR Foundation (children's charities)

Your "Suitcase Of Happiness" from John and Former Disney Senior Executive, Mark Jaffe.

To my family and friends, My Passion's

"Letter To Passionate Kids”:

"I love NASCAR  and The NASCAR Foundation because I love racing of all kinds and because I love cars.

As a young child I loved to play “tag” – racing aroundthe school playground both before school and during recess. I also loved cars and knew most makes of cars by sight at a very early age.

Actually the Indie (Indianapolis 500 style) cars were my favorite race cars growing up as my parents and their friends would have picnics on Memorial Day weekends and would tune in to the Indianapolis 500 so that we could catch the race.

Later I learned about NASCAR and began to like NASCAR better because the cars were patterned after street cars that I knew very well.

And when I really became passionate about NASCAR was when I had the opportunity to be on a NASCAR style driving experience team. We offered the public the opportunity to drive and/or ride in a NASCAR style car.

At first I volunteered by helping customers climb into the car (has no doors – climb in through the window), buckled their special seat belts for them, put on the steering wheel, gave them instructions and then started the car for them.

During non customer times I washed and cleaned the cars (we had 14 race cars), and I was allowed to drive the cars, receiving instruction from an experienced driver.

Today (and for past 6 years) I have been a lead volunteer for the NASCAR Foundation – the children’s charity arm of NASCAR. We raise funds for children’s healthcare charities. I help recruit other children’s charities to co-brand with us thus enabling them to raise fund for their children’s charities. I love to help children retain or attain perfect health." John R West 

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