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Meet PASSION Her Name Is Alyssa Marie Coon, She is 17

Alyssa Marie Coon

PLEASE SHARE WITH EVERY CHILD WHO DREAMS Of Being On Stage, Winning Gold,  Building Our World. Exploring Our Seas, Landing On Mars Because They Will Need PASSION!

"I thought I knew what PASSION was from Interviewing  London's Princess of Jazz, Fiona Ross who was the Mentor who gave the push to Ed Sheeran.

Then I met and asked 13 year old, Alyssa Marie Coon singer since 2, guitarist, keyboard player, ukulele player and drummer, what she would say to Inspire a class of Kids who each have HUGE DREAMS.

Alyssa said YES!  From Alyssa's Music Letter To Passionate Kids, ( Home Page, www.careerskunks.com) I realized, I MET PASSION! “

I had to ask Alyssa if she would tell kids how her PASSION is her key to her remarkable ongoing success."   Paul Cody  Vancouver B.C. @careerskunks.com

OBSESSED With Helping YOU Inspire, Passionate Kids!


To my friends and family;

What is passion? According to the dictionary, passion is strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm or desire for anything.

I am passionate about playing music, singing songs and writing music. Music is my life and has been ever since I can remember. Not a day goes by where I don’t pick up an instrument or use my voice as an instrument. I am constantly practicing to perfect my craft of being a musician. I have good and bad days but it doesn’t stop me from working towards my goal of becoming a professional musician and gaining many followers on my social media sites.

When you are passionate about something, you tend to give it your all. People around you see and feel your love for what you are passionate about. I love making a difference and seeing people sing along when I play. It is so rewarding to me. When I perform, kids come up to me at the end of my performance and tell me how they are learning instruments or how they want to be like me. I carry my custom guitar picks and give them out. I love seeing the smile on their faces and I hope it motivates them to become passionate about music. Everyone can relate to music.

Performing in front of people is easy for me. I may not be the most animated person on stage or always the best sounding but my passion shows. I am a very shy person and do not like to speak while on stage. I sound so young when I speak because of my shyness but I am working hard to improve that. I have started doing video blogs (vlogging) in hopes that it makes speaking in front of people easier for me. My parents have put me in acting classes to help as well. They know my strengths and weaknesses and are so supportive of what my dream is that they work with me to give me the tools to succeed.

I encourage you to find your passion and go for it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. My mother taught me this a long time ago when she shared her experience of someone telling her she couldn’t do something. My mom is a dental hygienist. She wanted to become a speaker at dental conventions. One of her previous employers told her she couldn’t do this and that she had to be a dentist to do so. Within a year, she was on the lecture circuit. She then partnered with a dentist and opened a dental practice. She sold that after 5 years and opened her own dental consulting business. She never took “no” for an answer. She was really passionate about what she was doing. As a matter of fact because, someone told her she couldn’t, she took on the challenge proving she could. My mom is my inspiration. She and my dad are my biggest supporters.

Believe in yourself and go for your dreams. Yes, there will be obstacles along the way but don’t let them stop you. Take one day at a time and live your dreams. My favorite Walt Disney quote is: “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

Also, please remember one thing, you can watch and learn from others but you can never be who they are. Be yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others. That is the most self destructive thing you can do. I have my frustrations with this sometimes as well. I am constantly remindedthat I am 12 years old and still have plenty of time to improve. I am not a prodigy so I am working hard to achieve my dreams that I am passionate about.

Thank you for reading this and I hope I inspire you to become passionate about your dreams.

Love, Alyssa Marie Coon  www.alyssamariecoonmusic.com





























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"Bloomin' Passion, helping yours inspire kids into happy adults"
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