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Meet Al Yardy. His Passion Is Music

Al Yardy
KB Radio, London, Ontario Canada
“What Radio Used To Be”
Twitter: @KBRadio_thp

"I asked   Al Yardy , owner of KB Radio if he would Share his Passion for " Radio,The Way It used To Be" with his Family, Followers, Facebook Friends and all of our Social Medias.  Al said YES"  Paul Cody

Below you will meet Passionate Music Artists and People who wrote Letters to help Kids catch their Dreams!

P.S. There was a Fire At KB Radio. Click Here to help a lot of Musicians ant Compassionate people Help Al Rebuild

Meet Al Yardy

Music has always been a part of my life and my brothers, which is funny considering neither of our parents could carry a tune in a bucket.  When I was in my early teens, I was already spending every penny I had on 45 rpm records and albums.  I was fortunate enough that a family friend was a private dj, who did dances, and weddings etc.  When we would go visit their family, he had his dj equipment set up in the basement with all his music, and would let me use it and play music every time we visited.   This led me to starting my own dj business which I opened when I was all of 15 years old.   I began doing dances for area schools and events and my passion for the music continued to grow.  

As I was looking at careers the idea to get into Radio as a DJ or on-air personality was suggested and I didn’t hesitate in applying at what was and still is considered the best broadcasting training school in North America.   I was fortunate enough to not only get accepted and spent two years learning and training in every aspect of the business.  Not just how to talk into a micorophone, but how to do production, including recording, mixing and editing.  I trained in that area under the world renowned producer Jack Richardson and learned things only a legend like him to could teach.

It went so much deeper, learning writing skills for all aspects of radio, news broadcasting, show preparation, human psychology and more.   After the 1styear of the two year program, I spent the summer working full time on air for a local FM station and from there things only improved.

Although I eventually left the broadcast industry for personal reasons, I returned a couple years ago, with the same passion I had when I began as a teenager.  I looked at the changes in the industry with AM and FM, and now satellite radio and more, and considered all options, based on my age and a bunch of other personal factors.

I decided that what I had to offer was not something that really existed any more and is what I have created the label “What Radio used To Be” for.  I had no pre conceived ideas about what could happen when I began my new project, but decided that I wanted to do it for me, as much as anything.   I like to think of myself as just an average person, and as such, the average person likely will think like me on most regular everyday events.   

I began putting the idea together to do live podcasts about 2 years ago.  I started researching options on how to do that, sites that offered the best services and gathering information first of all to see if it was something I truly could do myself and what I would need to start.  I was surprised to find out just how easy it is in many ways to do such a thing, and October of 2015 I began playing with my first on air podcasts.  They were short and not promoted, and if anyone listened I am sure it was entirely by accident.  I wanted to see if it truly was what I wanted to do before I dove in head first, and by New years eve that year, I was ready to launch my first official show.  I believe I had a grand total of three listeners that night, which including my mother was two more than I expected to have.

I began promoting in social media, and talking to friends about what I was doing.  It began to grow quickly and it wasn’t long before I was getting requests for music on the nights I was broadcasting.

The following November, less than 12 months later I had a regular audience of 12,000 plus people around the world and knew my little idea had been a good one.  Since that time, I have changed broadcast hosts, and turned my podcast into a full 24 hr internet based radio station.  I have been blessed to interview a number of bands and artists and even a couple of TV actors as well.   I never really thought it would grow to even the point it is now,  though I of course dreamed that maybe it wouold, but it has exceeded my expectations, completely and I have only been back at it for about 18 months now.

My advice is if you have a dream, or passion than take a shot at it.  Don’t do things blindly, but take the time to research what you are interested in and ask questions.  The music industry is full of people who love to talk and share their stories and things they have learned over the years, both the good and the bad.  Lets face it, life isn’t always perfect so be prepared for ups and downs, but with preparation you will stand a much better chance of making something of it.  The last thing I encourage is that like everything else in life remember, everyone is not going to like you or what you do.  I don’t like every form of music, and in fact have little use for Rap music.  But I will tell you I completely respect the music industry and the fact that millions of people around the world love that music, so those people that are involved in that part of the music business, all the power to them.  I love that they kind find such personal success in an area that works for them.

Follow your dreams, because if you do, and it doesn’t work out for any reason, you can always say you at least tried.  I promise you don’t want to wake up one day, and say to yourself, I really wish I had tried that 20, 30, 40 years ago.  With all of that said, anyone who is interested in information about the radio business my door is always open.  I have never said no to someone with a question, and make every effort to answer every single email or direct message I receive each day.  Good luck, no matter what your dreams are.

Al Yardy

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