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David Guitard

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"While Interviewing The Guitar of Jenn Ibarra , I asked The Guitar of Canadian Professional Recording Artist David Guitard from Bathust, NB, Canada  if David would do an Interview to Inspire Kids to Play Guitar like some Guitarist  once Inspired him!

Of course David said YES!"  Paul Cody

Interview by Paul Cody, William Price King,

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"My life changed drastically while and after recovering from a very tragic accident which yes, did change my life forever although I've no regrets for what it has become!! To explain, I'll start by saying that after ten days in a coma and awaking without memory of my past. I did both ask for my guitar and started working on a career that could provide me with a future which satisfied my desires and dreams! From the hospital bed I sure didn't realize that CONTINUE " David Guitard

Paul;  David was music always a part of your life?

David;  That's a great question,, music actually was a part of my life from an early age as I've many in my family who play guitar and sing! I would hear lots of old country and bands like C.C.R. and The Eagles all the time! There would be a lot of 'Who'll Stop The Rain', 'Have You Ever Seen The Rain' and 'Hotel California' quite often! The music at family gatherings is the same now from both sides of my family with my Pop fingerpicking his twelve string and my cousin out west who's also a professional recording artist playing her fiddle, violin or guitar! Although the gatherings are with a much bigger selection of music played, But it's always a great time! Well I was singing everywhere,, on stage, in the church choir, at school, lots of karaoke! I loved to sing then and still feel the same way now,, it's also been a sort of medicine through my mid twenties and up till now while healing through my traumatic head injury! If you read my bio throughout my social media it will explain much more if your interested to know about my hardest years,, I definitely invite you! 

William;  David, What were your major influences with regards to your compositions, instrumentally and vocally?

David; A great question William... those who don't know me and even many who do don't know all I've seen or experienced! Especially how it feels to go through memory loss at 26 years old, it's how it made me 'FEEL' that was a major influence for many of my songs on my first album! Reaching my fans at an emotionally level was important so I used this Especially with,, 'Dreamin', 'Wasted Away', 'Come Back Again', 'Twice'! While writing these songs I was telling everyone, patients in the hospital, friends & family that I was going to sing to the world, become Signed, maybe even be a star! haha.. even while sounding like a broken record with fingers not working! Other songs for example like 'Sea of Green' & 'Twin Towers',, while I grew up fishing, walking the rivers, catching small trout & going to my uncles camp in the woods and now things being so much different with what has been cut & is gone! I also remembered that I had worked in silviculture with Seeing all the deforestation that I had that was traumatizing! As far as you could see it was cut,, not small trees but we're talking huge massive trees, forests that are gone, wiped out for so many reasons! Building something,, big companies trying to keep for profit! Very sad,, well with my job, We'd fly to our worksites and would spray around the newly planted trees so that the underbrush wouldn't overtake and kill them! I figured I'd possibly reach many others on a deep level! Being something that'll not only affect our lives but sure will affect generations to come! The instrumental for this took a long time to finally have the way I wanted.. especially the intro and outro! Over 6 minutes long which is a bit to much but I decided eventually it all fit together nicely! Then there were events like 9/11 that affected us all so it was fitting to write a song in rememberence of the World Trade Centers knowing it was an event no one would forget! My Pop,'stepdad' really made me feel good one day posting online that he was trying to play play song, couldn't get it but that it was a great song, a great tribute! I admire his fingerpicking on his twelve string so to hear him say that made my day! Instrumentally, I wanted to do everything with my hands! Not having a straight strum but putting more into each song! This of course does make it more difficult for me but so far has worked out quite nicely! I'm very excited for my second album to be released by Evolution,, I really think it will be loved! Now my inspiration vocally is a tough one cause theirs so many,, from Canadians Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young, Great Big Sea, The Rankin Family, Irelands Sinead O'Conner! From the U.S. we have Mary Chapin Carpenter, Bob Dylan, James Taylor! Oh, and can't forget of course C.C.R. and Willy Nelson who all had a huge impact! There were so many more,, to many to name all who are just great artists who's music will be played forever!

Paul;  What is your favorite band and what genre of music?

David;  Well my favorite band is by far 'The Tragically Hip'! Even though my early years was the old country and such,, my love was of many genre's or bands through my life with alternative being one of my favorite genre's! Bands like R.E.M, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Savage Garden, Nickelback, others like of course 'ROCK and POP' icons like Elvis, Michael Jackson, Prince, Queen even Madonna and Whitney Houston was great music and had an impact! Remembering all their songs now is difficult but many of them are still a part of me even with my disability! My favorite as I say though is The Hip,, from their first album 'Up To Here' with their second & third 'Road Apples' and 'Fully Completely' I believe being my favorites out of their thirteen albums! Some others have a different opinion but I think that many songs off those two albums really rock! I used to sing a lot of their music karaoke style with very often having the audience rocking and loud right with me! So ya, they've become my favorite although their are close seconds, thirds, forths and so-on as their are so so many great bands out there whom I love their sound!

Paul;  Why is  Folk/Pop/rock and not a genre that is more widely played?

David;  Well you see, that questions a great one because it would be surprising for some why I play what I do! It all has to do with my hands... I wanted to both do something different as well as do something that could have a sound people could love! So I figured I will do everything with my hands,, now I don't know exactly when it was although I can say that after my head injury in 2003, it's what I continued to do and eventually the songs I was writing became my first indie album 'Dreamin'' and then eventually became my first published or released retail album 'ONE', entirely of a folk genre! I continued to play and write using just my hands and my music has become what it is today! Now currently, even though it's been a wait for my fans, am still working on recording my upcoming second retail album 'With Eyes Wide Opened' to be released by Evolution Inc.! I'm not sure how else to say it,, my genre sort of just became what it is my hands would do! I smile at that one,, Who knows what the future holds, genre wise, but I will say that I truly enjoy the sound that I am making for my fans as well as appreciate and love all them for being very patient, whether it be the ones for over five years now or the new ones every day that hear my sound and tell me that they think I rock and can't wait for my second album! 

Paul;  What would you say to someone thinking about going into the music industry? 

David;  Another great question,, I've talked to other artists about this although it wasn't asked the same way and the first thing I thought to say was I believe the most important, 'NEVER GIVE UP'! You see this isn't an easy career but they can have a great life doing what they love, although it isn't something you want to get into if your doing it for the wrong reasons! No matter the genre, A Music Career isn't something you can be working towards if it's just a fad, it really has to be something that your in for the long haul! What I mean by that is that you have to know your going to have hard times and it's going to be a rocky road! Still though In my eyes, It's always worth it, Nothing feels better or is more exciting than playing and singing your own work for a fan of your own! I'd tell them that becoming a musician is not just about the music,, it's the most important aspect of course but it's also about the person they are! Social media is always watching and of course also can and should be used! For too many indie artists have difficulties that change their perspective on their futures and they give up! It's for many different reasons usually though, whether it be because of family, a financial aspect, or maybe even the genre that's hard to break into! Very often though It's not because of their talent because some of these artists,, bands or young stars rock,, they really do! Some of the young artists or bands that eventually fold are in my opinion 'Tragically Hip' quality and it's really to bad!

Paul;  When it comes to your writing songs, what are you trying to do with your music?

David;  Well for me what I try to do is grab an emotional response you could say! In one way or another I want to grab my fans attention and have them want to hear my songs again! I'd like to possibly make a difference and maybe even have something good come from certain songs,, for example 'Sea of Green', For every fans eyes that I open to the fact we're destroying our forest and they possibly do something a bit different that has a positive impact, Well that's what I'd want to happen! With most songs I'm trying to have my fans in some way feel from them afterwards! I've had fans write me or even in person tell me that I had made them cry! I don't want to make anyone sad but would rather that my songs have a positive influences on them,, then I've other songs that are not so deep but still in some way want my song to grab them and have them remember it! So many artists are trying to write a hit song so I know mine has to be worth listening too,, worth buying!

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