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Faith & Harry Rowan

Faith & Harry Rowan


 " While Interviewing young Guitarist Jenn Ibarra and Vocalist Jennefer Mlott I met the remarkable Music Talents of Faith & Harry Rowan.  I asked them if they would do an Interview to Inspire others their age to Love, Sing, Play and Share Music. They and their mom said yes!" Paul Cody

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P.S. Before we begin a Letter to Kids from Faith Rowan

"Dear Friends, Here's some thought from one kid to another. Treat each day as if it's all you have. Fill a minute with an hour of thoughts.  Sometimes give your heart permission to speak to your head.  Find Role Models that have good souls. Take the road that is meant for you, not the shiniest and most popular. Be proud of, You, for the You , You are is special and the You' You'll become is amazing " Love Faith

Faith&Harry are British-American pre-teen siblings, who in 12 months took FB by storm and gained more than 79,000 fans. How could two 'ordinary'  kids gain such a following? Passion is the word! These two have a magnetic love for all things music. Their enthuisasm has drawn fans from all over the world. The children's fans are named Rowanetts, with fan support the kids are stomping on the Indie Pop World!

 The Rowans are currently recording their first album in The Jam Room Recording Studios Columbia SC, the siblings are beyond excited for its release. Faith has co-written several songs on the album with 'The Condriacs' a song-writing duo from Essex U.K. Who with their encouragement has seen Faiths songwriting develop from loose ideas to structured melodies and lyrics. 

 These sibling protégés both play violin, piano and six months ago added guitar to the mix. Their musical hours of study has reached that of many adult musicians in the 10,000s, Faith alone has been playing violin for nine years. The Siblings have won local, state and east coast classical awards and both children won auditions for the SC Youth Orchestra for four years in a row, playing with the first violins, and sitting amongst children four and five years older than them. Although sad to leave the orchestra they're both excited about their new musical direction. 

 The siblings are also philanthropists raising thousands of dollars each year for youth orchestras and music education programms. This unbelievable duo are even patrons of an indie radio station. 92.6 Radio Rock out of California. They wanted to support Indie Musicians across the world getting airtime. They are regular personalities on the show The Morning Brew, hosted by Tom Slick. The Rowan duo enjoy  giving interviews and chatting to their Rowanetts even before any music of theirs has had airtime. 

Q Faith when did you start playing the violin?

A It started when I was three years old, my older brother had a friend round who played the violin. I was the annoying little sister who wouldn't leave his room so I could listen to the violin. I spent the next six months pleading to have a violin. Every time I saw or heard a violin playing I would listen and pretend to play. My Mum eventually found a teacher when I was 31/2 willing to teach me. 

Q Harry is it hard being Faith's little brother? 

A Well yes and no. Sometimes it feels like I'm just following her shadow. I mean she's such a brilliant musician. But also she really loves to sing and play the violin, my first instrument is the piano so we mostly support each other. Faiths also a great help with my music studies being two years older than me. 

Q You guys seem to have a really supportive family. What can I do as my parents don't want me to be a musician? 

A Faith - I'm sorry to hear that, but I suppose your parents just want the best for you. Music can be a really tuff career. It can be difficult to support yourself financially. I think you need to perhaps have a plan B in case music does'nt work out. There's also many careers in music besides being in a band or a solo singer. 

A Harry- Faiths right I so love music, but in the recording studio I've watched engineers and our producer do amazing stuff on our tracks. I think in the future I'd like to do some producing. Perhaps you could look at other careers that involve music and chat to your parents again. 

Q Faith was your Mum upset when you wanted to move from a classical musician to a pop musician?

A she was surprised and asked me to continue with my classical studies in case I changed my mind again. I love classical music and really enjoy classical violin but about 18 months ago I'd started writing pop songs in secret, when I eventually showed my Mum what I was writing she realized I was serious about learning the craft of songwriting. It's actually fun doing multigenre music studies. The classical training helps me to write better melodies. 

Q So Harry where you sad Faith moved from classical performances?

A No! My love is Jazz piano, so including more genres into our music has given me more chances to experiment with piano, my teachers and family encourage me to try new things. 

Q You guys are very lucky to have music lessons and so many instruments. My family can't afford this. So how do I become a musician? 

A Harry yeah! Instruments cost a lot but some of ours have been gifts like our piano. We used to have a cheap electric organ then a really kind friend gave us his piano. Sometimes we have Christmas or Birthday presents that are a new instrument.  

A Faith I have friends in the state orchestra that hire instruments or use school ones. Harry and I have been very blessed with music lessons, but if that's not possible for you at the moment there are lots of free orchestras or bands you can join. There's also great advice from good teachers on you tube. Just don't give up! Just keep searching for the help you need. 

Q I really hate music theory but love to play guitar will I still be a good guitarist without theory? 

A Faith I get that! Music theory can seem boring when you just want to play a song. In fact I first played the melody of moon river on the guitar about six months ago by ear not knowing the notes on the guitar. I so loved this song I'd plucked it on the violin but I couldn't sing and play the violin so my Mum handed me my brothers guitar and I worked it out by pitch. Since three I've been learning a little music theory every music lesson, so gradually it's built up so it never seemed too much to learn in one go. Being a songwriter music theory allows me to develop my song and share it with others. But I do know a lot of great musicians who can't read music. I think you just need to do what's right for you. 

A Harry I often play a new piece on the piano by ear but sometimes my ears trick me and I play the wrong note, especially on fast or complicated pieces. So I like to check out what I'm playing on the piano matches the music notes on the stave. When I compose piano pieces I can't write them down quick enough so I will record myself on the phone then later write it up. 

Q You two have become social media celebrities, how has your life changed? 

A Harry People stare at us, or come up to us in public wanting our autograph or to chat! I never get to eat food in restaurants without being bothered! A musician needs to eat too! 

A Faith Oh Harry! It is really strange and we're not really used to it! We love our fans very much and am grateful for their support. We just can't go anywhere without an adult as it can become too much! It's is really crazy we have nearly 80,000 fans on FB.

Q Why did you start recording an album? 

A Harry Our fans, by the way they're called Rowanetts kept asking where they could buy our music we had a lot of covers on social media. So my Mum who runs our social media found a great recording studio happy to work with two young kids. 

Q what's it like being in a recording studio? 

A Faith Brilliant! So Brilliant, the songs I've co-written come alive in the studio. Our producer Phillip Cope just brings out the best in my vocals he knows what I can do even if I don't believe I can do something he just knows I can. 

A Harry I luv, luv, luv the studio, there's buttons everywhere it's the coolest place in the world. My keyboard playing sounds amazing in that tiny little space. 

Q Who are your co-writers Faith and why do you need them? 

A Faith my Co-Writers are two guys from Essex in the U.K. Called the Condriacs. In the Autumn of 2016 they'd seen mine and Harry's FB account and offered to write an original song for Harry and I. My mum sent them some of the lyrics I'd written and asked if they could use them and the idea I had to write a song. Now they're good friends and we've written more songs together. Co-writing songs is great fun each person brings different talents and skills, for me being only 12 their help has given me confidence and I'm learning so much from the  Condriacs. 

Q When's the album to be released? 

A Harry really soon our first single is to be released in the next few weeks, can't wait to hear it on the radio! It will be out of this world! 

Q How do you find time to practice three instruments and voice everyday? 

A Faith we practice our first instruments early in the morning before academics each day. Then fit in our other two instruments in the afternoon after lunch. Evening is duet and voice practice, altogether it's about 4 hours a day. I would hate a day without music it's my whole life. 

A Harry I can't wait to sit at the piano to start my day  it's just what I do! 

Q what if you don't have time to practice that much? 

A Faith The most important thing is to try to practice everyday, even thirty minutes everyday makes a difference to how well you play. Perhaps you could get up a little earlier in the morning. If you really love something I think you just make time. 

Q What are your music heroes ? 

A Harry Theres so many great talented musicians from the past and today one of my fav Jazz composers is Scott Joplin, I luv his music, I'm a fidgety person so his music really lets me jump around the keyboard. 

Q wow! That's tuff there's thousands of peple I admire, I think I'll choose a songwriter like Carole King I just think her lyrics are amazing. 

Q I think homeschooled kids like you guys are not in the real world and you are missing out on a normal life! 

A Faith For me being homeschooled let's me work my school day around music. It gives me the time I need for what I want my life to be. I've never been to school so I don't know what I'm missing. But I don't think it would be possible to go to school now because of how big our FB page is. I don't think homeschooling is for everyone but I'm glad I'm homeschooled. 

A Harry I don't think I'd be the average kid if I went to school or not! There's only one Harry and that's me a Music Geek!

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