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Wiliam Price King with Eric Sempe

Album Preview; William Price King with Eric Sempe

"While helping a lot of Music Artists  I thought why not, for the first time ever,  Interview the Album instead of the Music Artists" Paul Cody

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Meet The Passion of William Price King and Guitar Virtuoso Eric Sempe


Paul;  William, where did you meet Eric Sempe?

William; I met Eric in Nice, years ago, when I was looking for musicians to form a band. When I heard him play I was literally knocked off my feet.  We've worked together on and off since then.

Paul;  William, a lot of the songs on your album are from the 80’s. Is that really jazz?

William;  Yes. Jazz gives one the freedom to take any song and improvise melodically or rhythmically in a jazz mode. That’s what the great jazz artists did with the songs from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including the Great American Songbook, the blues, and other styles. Ours is a smooth jazz approach to songs coming from the end of the 20th century.

Paul;  Why did you choose to do mostly voice and guitar as opposed to other instruments?

William; Simply because we wanted to do something uniquely different that isn’t done a lot in jazz. Ella Fitzgerald did it with Joe Sample and they were quite successful. The voice andguitar ring well together, and it’s not something that you hear everyday in jazz.

Paul;  Who wrote the original songs from the album?

William;  Jeanne King wrote the lyrics of each of the original songs. William Price King did the music for two of them and Eric Sempe wrote the music for the third one.

Paul;   Do you get the opportunity to do live performances as a duet? If so, how do audiences react?

William;  Yes, we do live concerts. They are quite intimate and there is a beautiful interaction between us and our public. We improvise each piece, never knowing how it will end, but we always get there together and the audiences love that.

Paul;  Where was this album recorded and how can one get it?

William;  This album was recorded in France, and can be found on the following platforms:





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"Bloomin' Passion, helping yours inspire kids into happy adults"
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