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David Guitard's Letter To Passionate Kids

Canadian Professional Recording Artist  DAVID GUITARD

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Hello, my name is David Guitard,

I woke up from being in a coma for ten days with a Traumatic Head Injury and didn't know who I was,, didn't remember my life and didn't know most everyone in my family! You see, I'd fallen nearly 10 feet and landed head first on concrete while celebrating my 26th birthday and suffered a brain injury! Although music was still a deep part of me with my guitar being the first thing I asked for in the hospital! I couldn't remember really anything but I wanted my music in my life... so I remained in two different hospitals for two months total! It was a long recovery,, the old me was gone and a person I didn't know was trying to fall into my shoes wanting only music in my life! Although of course my resume having been 3 pages long was no longer something I could rely on, especially with me not remembering very much! Through the first year I'd also developed epilepsy so this was something else my doctors were working on helping me heal from with meds! It took a while..

My music is what I didn't loose and I worked on it everyday,, if I wasn't humming it or had it going through my head, I was playing it and singing it! Eventually recording it and promoting my sound everywhere I could, to everyone who would listen! It's all I did,, all I concentrated on. Even when people would ask me to stop, I'd go someplace else, play for someone else! I didn't give up and I sure didn't stop! I actually had met my fiancé in the hospital when I was still 'sick' in 2008 or 2009 and we lost touch for 5 years or so until being reconnected in 2012! She says that she remembers me telling her that I would become Signed,, that I would release my music to the world! At that time I hadn't healed yet, couldn't talk right, didn't act right, sure didn't sound like I do now on my guitar and even my singing was nothing compared to the quality it is now! I was also having seizures now and then with again forgetting everything having it bringing my healing backwards instead of forward! But I kept playing and singing.. over and over and over I played and sang, played and sang! 

At the end of 2012 after at least 10,000 hours playing my guitar, singing, writing songs, recording my indie albums and selling them myself with all the songs I had written and all the trials and tribulations I'd gone through, I was recognized online! On Feb 1st, 2013 I was Signed to my first label and had my first retail album 'ONE' released worldwide on May 1st! It was the beginning of making my future which now I'm Signed to Evolution Inc. out of Chicago and am working on my second album! With tens of thousands of fans from around the world! On 60+ sites, including my Official Music Page, website and also on 800 facebook groups with five of my own! My name is known by people from around the world and wouldn't you know it.. I'm now a Professional Recording Artist and you can find me ANYWHERE online! If you meet me for the first time,, you'd never know that I had gone through an injury of any sort! I am proud of what I've achieved and never would have if I'd given up at any point through the last 14 years! 

 My story is much longer although the biggest thing I wanted to say to you is to not give up on your dreams,, achieve what you want to aspire to be and make something of yourself no matter the difficulties! Even in 2017 YOU CAN DO IT and don't ever let anyone tell you differently... ... David Guitard  'Professional Recording Artist'     

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"Bloomin' Passion, helping yours inspire kids into happy adults"
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