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Singer Danielle Haskell

Danielle Haskell
Christian Pop Singer

"While Interviewing Singers and Musicians who Inspire Kids to Love, Play, Sing, Write and Share their own Music I met the remarkable voice of Danielle Haskell.  I asked her if her exceptional Passion for singing would do an Interview with 10 Talented People! She said YES!" Paul Cody

P.S. Before we begin,  "A Letter To Kids" from Danielle Haskell.

"To all of you reading this today, thank you for your interest in my music. I wish I could talk with each of you, so you would know that you are important to me and to this world. Each of you are special and unique. You may be thinking everyone says that, but it’s true. We are all designed to be different and we are each here for our own purpose. While growing up there will be many choices to make. Those are your decisions. One of the most important things in life is to stay true to yourself. It’s okay to be silly, to not grow up too fast and be comfortable with who you are. If someone judges you for being yourself, know that’s really their issue and not yours. Also know that you are never alone. Know who the people are in your life that want you happy and support your real dreams and value them." Danielle Haskell


Danielle Haskell is an 18 year old Christian pop artist  / song writer who began memorizing songs, singing and taking piano lessons by the age of 3 and began playing guitar at age 6. Even though Danielle is a fan of all music, it's her love of helping others that lead her to the Christian music industry. As Danielle faced some of the same challenges as many teens do and the loss of loved ones, her perspectives began to change and Danielle started to understand the important messages the Christian songs were delivering as they provided her with inspiration and comfort.

By using the emotional power / the meaning behind her songs, Danielle definitely has a message to share that touches her audience. Danielle can be quoted as saying “The best part of music is when someone listens to and relates to your song. In the few minutes that they are listening to the song, not only do they become part of my story, but I become part of theirs and that is an awesome feeling.”

“New Day” was Danielle’s first time co-writing a song, recording in a real studio and making a video, but it still has an impactful meaning. “New Day” is about forgiveness, moving forward, leaving the past behind and starting over. Everyone makes mistakes or find themselves in circumstances that could not have been predicted at some point in life. In “New Day” Danielle wanted to make sure people understood that there are times when one small moment can be pivotal in our lives, so when that happens  it is possible to take the steps that are needed to keep moving forward in the right direction. From every challenge comes a lesson. In Danielle words “I have lived my life holding myself to my mistakes while living with no regrets, because I believe that everything, including our mistakes, lead us to where we are supposed to be. New Day goes deeper than merely a new day, for me it was about a new day that led to a new life.”

With her song “Forget” Danielle had two goals. First and foremost, Danielle wanted a song that reminded everyone that they are never forgotten by God. Second, she wanted a song dedicated to her grandfather, hoping to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s. While growing up, Danielle visited her grandparents daily. Using love, laughter, loyalty, work ethics and faith they taught her some of the most important lessons in life. For the last six years of her grandfather’s life, her family watched him slowly change due to Alzheimer’s disease. At the time Forget was written she was scheduled to be in Nashville for a photo-shoot, to co-write her second song and do the video for “New Day”. Originally she had a completely different plan for her second song; however, just as she arrived in Nashville she received a call that her grandfather had fallen and had a brain bleed. Danielle flew back home to find him hospitalized. She was told not to expect much and that he would likely pass away in a few weeks. During his entire time with Alzheimer’s Danielle was the only person he consistently recognized. He never got her name wrong once. As she flew home Danielle remembered being so afraid he would forget who she was before she arrived; however, when she went over to his bedside and said “Pepere”, he immediately replied “Danielle you’re here.” He still knew her name. When Danielle returned to Nashville and met with her co-writer / producer they discussed her situation and her fear of being forgotten and “Forget” was composed.

“Always With You” also comes from a  very personal place for Danielle that certainly creates emotions, bring about awareness and entertains.  “Always With You” is dedicated to Danielle’s grandmother who lost her battle with cancer in April 2016. As soon as her grandmother was diagnosed, Danielle knew the concept for her next song. Just one week before her grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, Danielle was in Quebec. Since her grandmother wasn’t feeling well, she had asked Danielle to go to a church and light a candle for her. In this church Danielle bought her grandmother a stone with an angel on one side and the saying “Toujours Avec Toi” (Always With You) on the other side. A few days after Danielle gave the stone to her grandmother, she found out she had cancer. All of the sudden, the saying took on a whole new meaning. Danielle and her grandmother had many conversations about how she believed she would, in ways, always be with her and the rest of the family. She talked about her fears and her religious beliefs. “Always With You” came from those conversations. Once again Danielle not only wanted, but needed, a song that would remind her and everyone that God is always with them. Knowing how difficult this loss was going to be she also wanted a reminder for herself and all others that those we lose, are also always with us. When she met with her co-writer / producer on April 18, 2016, they composed “Always With You” within an hour.

Danielle’s ultimate goal is to use her talents and life experiences to help others. She hopes her music can continue to raise awareness and inspire others in a positive way. Outside of music, Danielle has spent time as a volunteer for Big Brother’s Big Sister’s where she confirmed that sometimes you learn just as much from others as they do from you. After graduating from Cony High School in Maine in 2016, Danielle opted for a change in scenery. In August 2016 Danielle headed to western North Carolina in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains where music and the arts are emphasized and she could be just a few hours away from Nashville. While there she plans to continue to write and record songs; all the while, pursing a future career that will continue to connect her with others.

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Interviewing Danielle are Paul Cody, David Guitard,  Chris Scharenbroch, JenniferMlott, Composer JohnDorhauer, and

Paul;  Jennifer, what personal attributes do you feel are the most important to being successful?

Danielle;  First and foremost, I think you need to be willing to work and get along with the people who function with as your team. When I was presented the opportunity to record in Nashville, it was made clear that they were just as concerned about attitude, work ethic and wiliness to accept advice as they were with talent. You may be the best talent out there, but if people don’t want to work with you, it’s impossible to get anywhere. You have to understand your weaknesses as well as your strengths and always strive to improve. Dare to be different, accept who you are, because once you accept yourself, it is much easier for others to accept you as well. In the music business it’s also about connecting with people. I pride myself in the meaning behind my songs. My favorite part of having music is hearing about how someone can relate to my lyrics. Even if it is just for a minute, at that point they become a part of my story and I become part of theirs. If a song I am involved in can make someone feel better in any way even for just a few minutes, success can follow.

Chis;  After releasing 3 beautiful and inspirational songs, 2 of which were inspired by your grandparents, what will be your inspiration for your new music that you will be soon recording?

Danielle;  I have learned that I have to be personally passionate about the concept of a song in order to convey the right emotions. I have a couple of thoughts in mind right now. One possibility departs a little from what I have done while the other continues down the same path. Whatever direction I go, I won't depart from it being inspirational and relateable. Many of the challenges we face have been faced by others so hopefully my music can continue to bring people's together.

Paul; What are the pros and cons of social media. How can it benefit you and how can it hurt you in the entertainment industry? How have you used it to your advantage?

Danielle;  Let me start with personally, I am not a huge social media individual. I’ve certainly used in in my social and professional life, but I do prefer in person conversations. Social media creates a perception that may either benefit or destroy you. Professionally it has been a huge asset. Facebook really took off first for me. My Facebook musician page is still my strongest site and where my videos have received the most attention. Facebook is where “Always With You” got up to 100,000 views and over 50,000 Facebook likes. It has taken me a while to figure out how to use Twitter effectively for my music, but I’m working on it and it is now going well.

David;  Hello Danielle,, This is a question about something you've mentioned,, ''It's great to know why people write the music they write'',, I'd just like to ask what impact you are trying to create with your songs, to possibly have a positive impact on your young audience or everyone in general to live a positive, generally more productive life? And in your eyes why...?


Paul;  Where do you get your inspiration for your songs?

Danielle;  All of the concepts for my songs have been based on what is either currently transpiring or has already happened in my life. Even though I would consider myself a private person, I tend to select experiences that are extremely personal and based on emotions I may not normally discus openly. As I think about how the song applies to my life, I try to consider how others may be able to relate to the same circumstances or emotions. From those thoughts, I try to develop what would be the deeper or even possibly a double meaning for the song. My favorite part of my music has been hearing from others about how the lyrics and concepts have impacted them. Most of the encounters we have in our lives are not unique. Our reactions and emotions may be different to our experiences, but in the end, I’m hoping my music can provide comfort, understanding or a moment of inner peace.

Paul;  How do you keep balance in your life and continue to work towards your goals? What is the most important goal you have in music over the next year?

 Danielle;  When the process began, I found myself in Nashville approximately every 8 to 10 weeks. The challenges at that point were missing school, keeping up with my school work and being away from home. Since I am a new artist most of my travelling has been for meeting with my co-writer / producer along with recording my songs and videos. I love the people I work with, so spending time with them is always something I look forward to.

Over the next year, I am hoping to co-write and record at least one more song. Right now I have a concept in mind. Should I decide to use it, it may be a slight change from what I have done in the past, but the song will still deliver a very strong, relevant message.













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