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Sheri Lynn's Letter To Passionate Kids

Sheri Lynn
Traditional Country Songwriter
She would like to see more Traditional Country Music played on the radio, which is shown in her writing style. Sheri was a finalist in the Great American Song Contest 2014, for her song "Songs of Yesterday", produced by ParamountSong in Nashville, TN.

"I asked Songwriter Sheri Lynn what she would say to Inspire a class of Kids who Dream of Playing, Singing, Writing Music. Here is her answer."  Paul Cody

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Sherri Lynn's Songrwiting's Letter To Passionate Kids

Always Follow Your Passion

Growing up in a very small California town in the Gold Country, I found myself always trying to entertain myself.  From the time I could write, I always had a passion for writing. One Christmas at the age of 7 years old I got my very first Diary, and that was the beginning of my story. 

I found that growing up with a very sick sister, who was in and out of hospitals from the time I was 6 years old until I was 15 years old, I needed to find something to help me cope with all the loneliness I was feeling inside.  So, the best thing for me was to follow my passion for writing.

I have kept a diary/journal for over 50 years now.  To this day I write my feelings down on paper when life seems to get me down.  Sometimes I find what I write I want to share it with the world, and other times I just want to stash it away for another day.  With Life, sometimes things aren’t always what they seem, the ups and downs of life can bring you much happiness and at times bring you sorrow.   At the age of 36 years old I lost my mother to suicide.  This was something that nobody should have to endure, but it does happen.  I had to find a way to cope with all the emotions and feelings I was going through.  The only way I could get past something like this was through writing.  I sat and wrote many Poems during that time.  My Poetry writing during that time carried me out of my dark place I was secretly hiding in. I started sending my poems into competitions and won some awards.  I was even chosen to attend conventions in Washington DC, Los Angles, Florida and other places around the USA to read my poetry.  So, felt that my passion for writing was helping me face the loss of my mother. 

I never got to attend these conventions during that time with raising 2 small children.  But felt honored that I was chosen.  I continued to write poetry, journaling, or when something would just inspire me I would grab a pen and paper and just write!  There are times I will grab my pen and paper and go for a ride I will sit in the silence and just write what I am feeling at the time, what I see, hear just to relieve the stresses of everyday life.  It is my happy place, because it’s my passion.

When my father became ill, I decided I needed a way to get through his illness and his dying.  Again, I turned to my passion, writing.  I feel when writing you can pour out all your emotions on paper, you can dig deep inside and get to your very soul.  Instead of writing poetry, I decided to research on how to write song lyrics, and that is where it brought me today.  To date I have written well over 50 songs with 18 recorded in Nashville, TN.  I am getting to be known as the Country Songwriter Storyteller as all my songs tell a story.  The very second song titled “Songs of Yesterday” was chosen as a finalist in The Great American Songwriters contest, in Portland OR.

So, with this being said, if you enjoy writing follow your passion you never know where it may lead.  If someone would have told me just 5 years ago that I would be writing song lyrics and have songs recorded in Nashville I would have told them they were crazy.  But something deep inside me tells me to continue, and as long as that little voice says, “Share your talent with the World” I will continue on writing and sharing.  Always follow your dreams, your passion no matter what it may be, because in the end you never know where it may lead you.

So, in ending this my quote to you, “Follow you heart and it will make your Dreams come true!”

When you follow your heart, you will know you’re where you’re supposed to be…

Sheri Lynn - songwriter

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